Useful Key Binds

Go to console and write bind “?” “?;”

This article has been made to help people with keybinds for counter strike 1.6 we are going to start off with with how to bind individual items and the names of those items in the console.We are going to start out with select weapons and they have been listed in the categories each of the in-game firearms belong in.

Submachine guns

bind “?” “mac10;”
bind “?” “mp5;”
bind “?” “ump45;”
bind “?” “p90;”

Assault rifles

bind “?” “famas;”
bind “?” “galil;”
bind “?” “m4a1;”
bind “?” “ak47;”
bind “?” “aug;”
bind “?” “sg552;”

Sniper rifle

bind “?” “scout;”
bind “?” “awp;”

Auto sniper rifle
bind “?” “sg550;”
bind “?” “g3sg1;”

Machine guns
bind “?” “m249;”

Body armor

bind “?” “vest;”
bind “?” “vesthelm;”


bind “?” “flash;”
bind “?” “hegren;”
bind “?” “sgren;”

Now I’m going to show you how to bind multiple items to one key it’s just like before but it’s just a extended script.
Example A is very simple you will get a m4 if you are a CT or a ak47 if you are a T full primary ammunition resting helmet and a diffusal kit if you are a CT. Example B is for is for grenade’s. Two flashbangs a single smoke and a single high explosive grenade.

Example A
bind “f3” “m4a1;ak47;primammo;vesthelm;defuser;”

Example B
bind “f4” “flash;flash;hegren;sgren;”

This one is very simple it’s just the proper way to bind items to the keypad a lot of people have trouble with this one so I put this on for simplicity sake.

Keypad Binds

bind “kp_ins” “”
bind “kp_end” “”
bind “kp_downarrow” “”
bind “kp_pgdn” “”
bind “kp_leftarrow” “”
bind “kp_5” “”
bind “kp_rightarrow” “”
bind “kp_home” “”
bind “kp_uparrow” “”
bind “kp_pgup” “”

This next one is stop sound many players find this to be useful although it could be argued and I would say in my opinion successfully it is cheating especially because it was removed in future iterations of counter strike.
Basically all this does is stop most environmental sound.

bind “?” “stopsound”


Change name and record pov demos without console.

bind “?” “messagemode name”
bind “?” “messagemode record”
bind “?” “stop”