Slade "Rocko" Krowley
Absolute Glorious Leader
The founder of Gamers Stand United that has been an avid supporter of the CS 1.6 community for a decade. He strives to bring the best Counter-Strike experience since the clan introduction in 2013. His willingness to help new CS groups by giving advice and technical support. He does this because he strongly believes the more groups that exist the better off the game will be. He is the self proclaimed best Mortal Kombat player in the state of Pennsylvania.
Clan Member
First of all, his name speaks for himself most of the time :P. HIGH is loyal GSU clan member and has been playing Counter Strike for almost 10 years. He has gathered a great deal of experiences with pro players and clan leaders both game and management wise. He is currently residing in Maryland and he is a proud Aerospace Engineering undergrad at University of Maryland.
Father Bryan Priest
Clan Member
Hey there , my name is Bryan but most of you know me as TwRK. Or Dinoroar which ever one you prefer is cool with me, ive been play cs 1.6 for somewhere around 12 years, but dont let that fool you i suck, Ive been in GSU for something like 4 years, maybe longer, to be honest i dont know. i smoke a lot of weed, but anyways see ya in the servers and maybe youll get the chance to kill me!
Goon Mike
The Co-founder of Gamers Stand United and one of the original members that is native of the state of New Jersey. He has been playing Counter-Strike since the mid 2000s.
Arch Admin
Played TFC as a PRO gamer in his younger years. Competing in TFC OGL and UGC leagues. He later joined the Counter-Strike 1.6 community and played in the CAL amateur leagues. He now plays CS1.6/OW/Horrors. His passion is to entertain people by having fun gaming and making friends that love gaming.
Has been a part of the CS community for over a decade. Has played on the CaL competitive level for over four seasons in 1.6, and one in Cz. Has been part of GSU for over four years. Kind to all that play the game bu not forgiving to the ones who make the game experience toxic for others!
Arch Admin
The Name's harry-wang; real name Jim I'm from So-Cal, I'm an O.C. boy! I'm 32 years old I've been playing Counter-Strike since 1999 with a few big breaks between then and now. I'm a decent player sometimes, I've stayed true to my roots CS 1.6, Im a lifer. I've been a part of Slades empire... sorry I mean GSU for a few years now. I manage the GSU-Bhop server, If you want help or have input PM me. I'm also a homebrewer, I love beer, wine, meads, and ciders.
Real name is Matt. In-game name is mainly Lindsey, or sometimes, Ishimura. Likes to ponder about deep space and existence but ends up in a spiral of weightlessness and bouts of vertigo. Loves animals and anything natural. Would summon insects to be his friend if it was possible. Also loves his dog Maximus and his daughter Kayleigh. You can find him in his car headbanging to metal m/
}{itman[dj] -mUs!c- -GSU-
Hi my name is Hit on steam and you can call me Hit on steam. I've been playing counter strike since i got a laptop my junior year of high school. I used to play for fun now I play both competitively and for fun. I always like to play with my friends on steam so add me and Ill accept it but I usually never add people unless you're really cool. If a had a million dollars I would design a counter strike game with good graphics because I'm stuck in the 90's. My favorite color is yellow I have a dog and play other games like Warcraft3, Starcraft2, and Cs:go. My favorite gun is the silenced m4 and i like to use the Awp when playing competitive cs.
Clan Member
Full Name is SkippyLongShlong but most servers won't let me use it so i shortened it. I've been playing cs since you had to use a command prompt to join servers. I still have the original disc that came with the Half Life pack. I have a 6 digit steam ID# for gods sake. I started with PBC until they went to just Battlefield, then we switched it up to PirL. We played in CAL for a season or two then we disbanded. Now days I spend most of my time fixing cars and taking care of my wife and four kids. I still play a little bit but not as much as I would like.
Arch Admin
My name is Boker. Im a good old boy from the south. Ive been playing CS since the game was in beta. If you meet me in CS Ill burst fire a glock in YOUR FACE! Ive been a part of GSU for a long time and have played Cs for over 18 years . I look forward to playing.
Mystyc Cheez
Clan Member
My name is Mystyc Cheez and I'm a mapper. I haven't actually released anything yet as of writing this, but I do work on projects for Slade. I grew up with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and it has influenced the way I make maps. I've been playing CS since 2014 and joined GSU in 2015. I'm not very good at the game, but I still have a lot of fun.
Clan Member
Ian From LA
Ian first heard about Counter-stike 1.6 in the early 2000s through a friend who had a computer. He smokes Newport cigarettes and drinks alcohol daily. He also smokes marijuana. You might find Ian eating out at a restaurant or spending time shopping at the mall. His favorite music is hip hop and 80s pop.He hopes to continue his counter-stike career until he cant anymore. He has two children and no brothers and sisters. If you happen to find this man he is considered armed and dangerous. Approach with caution. Just kidding 🙂
Pet Defective
Clan Member
Clan Member
Hey there, my name is Jay but most of you know me as Playboy. Ive been play cs since WonID, but dont let that fool you i suck, Ive been in GSU for what feels like forever but to be honest i dont know. I am originally from sK* I know a thing or two about CS and have played in many different leagues and tourneys.. I still suck though 🙂 Anyway as part of the GSU community I am Proud to call this community Home, so stop in and maybe you will get a chance to play against me.... I hear that there is a legend that Kermit the Frog visits GSU occasionally
CAL 5-0
cAL' -GSU-: The only verson of Counter Strike I play is 1.6, there is no other better verson! I have been playing 1.6 for almost 14 years now and played in cal league for 3 years. Now I enjoy being a clan member of GSU and you'll mostly see me on our Clan Server/FDL. If im not on I am either at work, a Ice Hockey Game, crusing in 5.0 or chilling with my K9 Partner.
[m] Diddy run the city
I pub for the PPL!
Clan Member
Arch Admin
Playing CS since 1999 when it was originally in beta. Founded a clan named KrewHL and played in CAL.o, im, and m as well as in a CPL Tournament. Love playing CS 1.6 especially in pugs and scrims. Love beer and having a good time especially with my clan buddies in GSU.
Clan Member
I was born at a very young age. Started playing counter strike in 2000. I got better over the years but my game really picked up in 2005 when i started smokin the ganja. Been smoking weed and gaming ever since! I also live kittens, rainbows, Astrophysics, Thermodynamics, Relativity, Quantum mechanics, and long walks on the beach. Im a paper cut survivor and shave my furry ankles before i play cs for luck. So gl and hf and ill see ya on the pitch *wink*
Clan Member
Minnesota born n raised.
SniperJoe is a Gi Bro
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OldManWisdom Real name is Ethan. Started playing CS in late 2014. Joined GSU around the same time. Michigander/Canadian. Love scrims and generally anything else in a competitive environment.

 i have been playing CS from last 18 years ... on and off back at it again and really enjoying it from Toronto Canada I have mad respect and loyalty got Gamers Stand United clan never been part of a clan for so long love it!

I cant even remember when I started playing CS 1.6, but it was a looooooooong time ago. Before 2004, I dedicated a lot of time to CS, and attended many local competitions. Then in 2004, I moved to Canada and stopped playing CS for about 13 years. In 2017, Slade invited me to join GSU and this is where I currently reside.
"Learning the ways of the CAL gods as a player who started playing CS at GO. Self proclaimed youngest member of GSU"
Hello, my name is Robert but you can call me sp00n. I have ben playing counter strike for long enough to not be last pick in scrims. I also have been playing guitar for a while. All I ever do any more is play counter strike and guitar, sometimes at the same time. I am a proud member of GSU.
Description: Im Zylor Roby Ive played CS:GO and CS:S for a couple of years and just started getting into cs 1.6 #IPlayOnAToaster
I'm batman.
Born with the game, raised with the game, gamed with the game. Use a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and pc. CS:GO'd till my pc broke My CSS has more FPS than my 1.6 GGwp 😀 Use m1 to shoot DaviE
Pink Bandana

Expert bot and Ricochet enthusiast. scout deag erry day

Diamond DruDallas
Damn good guy!
The Gentleman

Russian vodka, and you guys know me.

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I am a 56 year old American patriot with Filipino heritage. I am happily married with 8 grown children and 5 grandchildren
I am a follower of Jesus Christ and try to live my life in that way.

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You know the fuckin vibes!

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In10sity, AKA Kevin. Currently working at Google doing cyber-security. Has been playing counter-strike since 2006. Played in cal-p season 16-20. Stepped down and did pick up pugs / scrimmages on free time while in school. Retired since 2016, but is making a comeback out of retirement. Was a little trouble maker awhile back but is now reformed. Known for being a hybrid entree fragger with insane movement.

The Missing Link