The Gamers Stand United Clan

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about a powerhouse in the gaming universe – the GSU Clan, Ostensibly known as Gamers Stand United, kicking off its journey on July 13, 2013. Led by the one and only Slade Krowley, who not only wears the crown of clan leader but also owns the keys to GSU’s gaming servers. Ah, yeah, man! The clan’s got this killer lineup, you know? It’s not just about Mr. Krowley, we’ve got a whole crew of administrators like Spoon, Swoop, Niko, Skam, and others bringing their A-game. And let’s not forget about the rest of the crew, the cultists—I mean, members—and all the other associates in the mix. It’s a full-on party with this diverse bunch, and together, we’re creating something special. We’re all in this together, adding our unique flavors to the mix and making things happen. Total synergy, baby!

Currently, these gaming maestros are spreading their wings, offering servers not just in CS 1.6, but also in Teamspeak and beyond. Need a hand or got a burning desire to challenge the GSU Clan? No worries! Drop them a line at or hit up one of their admins on Steam. And oh, did I mention their motto? “The Dawn is Your Enemy.” Epic, right?

Now, here’s the call to action, folks – join the party on their servers! Picture this: the GSU Clan Server, hosted on a beastly Intel Xeon E5-2667v2 node, with 16 processor cores and a whopping 128 gigabytes of RAM, all chilling in the gaming hotspot of Chicago, Illinois.

Now, for the specifics:

-GSU- Clan Server/FDL Server Address:

-GSU- Scrim Server Server Address:

-GSU- HLTV Server Server Address:

And to keep the conversations rolling, they’ve got a Teamspeak Server ready to roll: Server Address:

So, whether you’re here to frag, chat, or just soak in the gaming vibes, GSU Clan is where it’s at! See you on the servers, champs!