**Welcome to Gamers Stand United!**

**Server Rules:**

1. **No cheating or hacking:** Fair play is our mantra. Engaging in any form of cheating or hacking will swiftly lead to an exit – game over!

2. **Respect for all players:** We’re a tight-knit community; let’s keep it classy. Discrimination, harassment, or stirring up trouble won’t be tolerated. Show respect or face the consequences!

3. **No team killing or intentional griefing:** Teamwork is key. Messing with your squad or causing chaos will land you on the bench – no questions asked!

4. **No spamming or excessive mic/chat use:** Keep communication clear for calls and strategies. Too much jabbering earns a front-row mute button seat!

5. **Respect for admins:** Admins run the show; don’t push your luck. Disobeying them or causing drama is asking for trouble. Keep it cool, play nice, and let’s keep the peace!

6. **No offensive or inappropriate content:** Fun is our focus, but let’s keep it tasteful. Crossing the line gets you heat. Play it smart, keep it cool, and keep the good times rolling!

7. **No exploiting glitches or bugs:** We play by the rules. Exploiting loopholes for an unfair advantage? We’re onto you, and justice awaits!

8. **Fair play:** No shortcuts allowed! Leave dirty tricks at the door and show your skills the honorable way!

9. **No ghosting:** Once you’re out, stay out. No whispers from beyond the grave. Keep it fair or face the banhammer!

10. **No impersonation:** Keep it real; impersonation is a big no-no. Pretending to be someone you’re not just ain’t cool. Keep it honest and positive!

11. **Report rule violations:** See something fishy? Speak up! Report violations to admins or mods. We’re all in this together, so let’s keep it clean and fun!

**Remember: The dawn is your enemy. Stay vigilant, stay sharp.**