by me (Mystyc Cheez)
With help by Slade Krowley

This map is is a re-theming of de_cache.

“Howdy, fraggers! I’ve got some intel on a map project that’s been cookin’ for a year. It’s called De_cashalley, codenamed Project Emone, brought to you by my associates Mystyc Cheez and Slade. Now, listen up ’cause this map’s got three objectives that’ll blow your mind.

Objective Number 1: They wanted to whip up a version of de_cache for CS 1.6 that’s not just cool but competitively viable. And trust me, they didn’t just wing it; they’ve had CS 1.6 veterans, CPL, CAL, OGL, XPL, Cevo, and ESEA pros testing this bad boy.

Objective 2: They aimed to use as much default content as humanly possible. 90% of this map is made from standard 1.6 stuff, and they’ve thrown in some vibes from classics like cs_backalley and de_train, courtesy of Barking Dog Studios.

Objective 3: Now, these guys are following the legendary John Romero’s level design rules. It’s like the Bible for creating epic game levels. Changing floor heights like a boss, using special borders to separate segments, keeping those textures in line, and throwing in some contrast between light and dark areas. Oh, and secret areas? They got that covered.

They’re making sure you can see it, you can get there. Well, almost everywhere. They’re making this map flow so smooth you’ll be revisiting spots, understanding the 3D space, and catching those perfect angles. And landmarks? They’re throwing those in for easy navigation and potential callouts.

So, my fellow gamers, keep an eye out for De_cashalley – it’s gonna be one hell of a fragfest. Hail to the mappers, baby!”

David “Mystic Cheez “Klos Mapper for sonic robo blast 2, team fortress 2, counter strike, cs:go & DooM .

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